Investigating solutions to problems since day one.

Investigating solutions to problems since day one.

Hey, it's me!

Los Angeles > London > San Francisco

Deconstructing anything I can get my hands on to better understand what makes it tick (or what could make it better), has led me to find solutions to creative problems.

WABI SABI is the idea of finding beauty in the imperfect. I gravitate towards the weird and imperfect.

I’m a digital, print & experiential designer developing well-researched marketing and branding content. When it’s time to play, I love having dance parties in my socks, jamming on the ukulele, climbing rocks, taking pictures that remain in my phone (lol), singing in the streets, and making friends with strangers. I currently cohabitate with other humans in the bay area. 

Check out my playlists for a sample of my what gets my juices flowing when I get knee-deep in a project.

Holla at me.
Email: cait.pynes@gmail.com
Mobile: 310.759.1650